Memerator API for Ruby

A ruby library for Memerator.

What is this for?

I mean, why not.


The gem is currently in Beta! Until you see that nice 1.0.0, expect bugs!

What the API has that this gem can't do yet:

~~* Set your username~~ Implemented in next release :)

  • Get recent memes
  • Get top memes ~~* Get top memers~~ Implemented in next release :)
  • Submit a meme


Put this near the top of your ruby whatever:

require 'memerator'

Meme = api_token)

Now, when you need to run a method, run Meme.method.

Example for getting profile.

"My username is #{Meme.profile.username}!"
# => "My username is Chew!"

Lost? allowsMultipleStreams?

We have a nice helpful support channel on our official Discord Server! Join with this link. IRC lover? Join #memerator on or


Stuck? Know Ruby? Check out the documentation.


We love contributors! Feel free to open a PR and we will review it.

But ruby sucks

no it's great